The Zellers Festive Finale Ends on a Bittersweet Note

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: zellers & facebook
Zellers has decided to get sentimental with their Christmas marketing campaign this year by having the first and last Zellers Festive Finale. In the true spirit of Christmas, Zellers is asking for help during their last Christmas sale before the big Target takeover that is looming in the new year.

Why do they need help from shoppers for the Zellers' Festival Finale? In this video, the ‘Executive Managing Director’ is not shy about letting the world know that they aren’t all ‘sad face’ at Zellers because of the Target takeover on the horizon, even while he clears out his desk of office supplies and lunch meat.

Instead, he’s managed to lay back and enjoy the ride a little more, confiding with viewers that he hasn’t, "worn pants to work in a week." In fact, things are so laid back that everyone at Zellers is leaving early and they need shoppers to help decide the fate of their final sale.

Fans of Zellers on Facebook will be able to choose what coupons the store features this Christmas, pick the playlist that will be played in stores for the holidays and even take a shot at making a radio commercial that could be used in the Zellers' Festive Finale.

This is certainly one way to deal with the big pink elephant that’s hanging out in room. Just about everyone in the western world knows that Target is taking over Zellers, so why not have a little fun with it, right?