From Tweeting Charity Scarves to Laser Christmas Graffiti

 - Sep 10, 2014
When you think about Christmas, a lot of what comes to mind are physical things like cookies, presents, ornaments, evergreen trees, lights and greeting cards, but these seasonal social media campaigns kick the holiday season up a level with the use of technology. For example, since cozy scarves and sweaters are essentials for the winter, some of these campaigns acknowledge this and help tech-savvy shoppers generate their own online, satisfying the need for interaction as well as customization.

On Twitter, it's also possible to check how naughty or nice you've been, and then reach out to Santa. For several years now, kids have been able to get in touch with the toymaker by writing him letters, sending him an email or even a tweet, but the quickest way to keep up with what Santa is doing is to follow him on Snapchat.