The Tweetball by Gelotology is Connected to Twitter

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: instructables & neatorama
Christmas might be said and done, but the Tweetball by Gelotology, an Instructables member, can be appreciated any time of the year. Especially since it can inspire people to embrace technology for the next holiday season in similarly unexpected ways. It is essentially connected to a certain Twitter account in order to display their tweets throughout the day and night. It even can display specific hashtags and keywords.

Made with an Arduino controller and two PHP scripts, the Tweetball by Gelotology additionally requires an LCD display and some cable to complete. And, of course, a willing ornament or simple plastic sphere that can be disguised as one.

The Tweetball by Gelotology is a fun way to incorporate social media into people's festivities, making the occasion much more modern.