From Technicolor Auto Ads to Psychedelic Pastel Campaigns

 - Jul 31, 2013
Creating an advertisement that will instantly blow viewers away takes a lot more than just having a sleek and inventive product, which is why these psychedelic ad campaigns have utilized abstract neon colors and designs to create an out of this world appearance.

Psychedelic references are ordinarily related to symptoms that people experience when they happen to be on drugs or other types of medication, causing them to experience hallucinatory images and disoriented behavior. By infusing these abstract and psychedelic types of imagery into ad campaigns, marketers are able to infuse an artistic and visually compelling feature into these prints and commercials.

From psychedelic kitty ads to trippy author advertisements, these psychedelic ad campaigns are showcasing that abstract visual effects can serve to engage viewers in a very thought-provoking way.