Good Company Coffee Uses Corporate Jargon for its Java Packaging

 - Mar 29, 2011
References: landor & lovelypackage
The Good Company Coffee (or Good Co.) branding and packaging took inspiration from its surrounding business environment of office-lobby locations nearby and integrated the atmosphere's corporate speak and business jargon into its professional look.

The name Good Company Coffee is also a dual play on the concept of "being in good company" while enjoying good coffee. Designed and created by the Landor agency, the double meanings and wordplay of Good Co. lightens the corporate mood by using a professional tone scrawled on its packaging in dry comedic comments. Using infographics, charts and graphs, these tools from the business workplace adds visual illustrations to the bold black and white java packaging.

The Good Company Coffee is a playful, lighthearted brew branding that really lets you relax and enjoy and cup of joe.