From Summer Java Brews to Bluntly Branded Coffee

 - Jun 23, 2014
If you're a new coffee shop or coffee bean label looking for an eclectic coffee branding identity for your delicious brews, keep one thing in mind: the visual identity of your brand is bound to make or break you.

Coffee lovers are like whisky lovers; their java is more than just a morning routine, it's a connection to something they love to have on a daily basis. One thing you'll notice about coffee connoisseurs is that what they drink their choice of brew in -- and the packaging it comes in -- is almost as important as their favorite roast. So don't shy way from simple and eclectic coffee branding solutions by going for traditional, mainstream or over-the-top looks thinking that it would bear the best results or draw consumers to the brand -- unfortunately, most times that is not the case.

Subtle, novel and quirky solutions have always proved to be more successful, so be bold and go wild with creative ideas.