Choosing Simple Branding Solutions Paid of for Kaffee Kann Ich

 - Feb 28, 2014
References: cargocollective & thedsgnblog
People tend to be scared of simple branding solutions for projects and services. The way most chose to go for often tends to be exaggerated and chaotic, thinking that it would bear the best results or draw consumers to the brand. Unfortunately, most times that is not the case.

Simple, clean and subtle solutions have always proved to be more successful. And the conceptual development for the identity of specialty coffee cafe KAFFEE KANN ICH has further proven this.  

Literally translating to "I make coffee," KAFFEE KANN ICH wanted a simple branding identity to represent their gourmet coffee. Working with only the finest local ingredients, the homemade coffee and cakes offered work with the branding choice perfectly.  

Branding with a simple yet trenchant round orange label of KAFFEE KANN ICH, the designers behind the branding did an awesome job.