Samsung's Halloween Prank Video Catches TV Shoppers Off Guard

 - Nov 1, 2014
References: samsung & adrants
The 'Samsung Zombie Switch' is a clever Halloween prank video that has unsuspecting shoppers focus all of their attention on the TVs, while someone creepy sneaks up behind them.

The "switch" part of the prank happens by having a regular-looking sales associate play one part, and a zombie counterpart take her place when it's time to strike. Although this kind of tactic is used all the time on the Internet, you never quite expect this kind of thing to happen in real life, especially while you're out browsing for a new television. If you have a twin or even someone who looks similar to you, it would be easy to pull something similar on other unsuspecting victims. Unlike some Halloween pranks that leave people running and screaming, this one is startling, but the initial shock is over in seconds.