From Blogger-Hosted Webisodes to Rapping Chef Programs

 - Nov 23, 2015
These television shows for teens range from blogger-hosted webisodes to rapping chef programs that fuse hip-hop music and gourmet eats. Today's teen viewers are tech-influenced making them desire content that is both accessible and attention-grabbing.

Unlike millennials, teens are likely to watch shorter and more dynamic videos rather than investing in a lengthy series or film -- a result of their affinity for social media platforms like Vine and Snapchat. The growing popularity of v-logs has lead to the development of style-focused television programs that are hosted by recognizable YouTube influencers. Standouts include Disney's collaboration with Maker Studios, a series of themed specials that is hosted by popular YouTube stars along with W Network's collaboration with web influencer RachhLoves -- whose eight episode series shows viewers how to create easy and accessible beauty looks.

These television shows for teens also include rapper cooking shows and model-hosted cooking channels that show audiences a celebrity's approachable and candid side.