SORTEDfood Challenged Its Chefs to Cook While Wearing Shock Bands

 - Dec 13, 2016
References: sortedfood & youtube
With its 'ELECTRIC SHOCKING RECIPE CHALLENGE' video, SORTEDfood promises to deliver its "most shocking (literally) video yet."

As Ben explains at the beginning of the video, those who are familiar with the YouTube cooking show will know that he gets playfully picked on by his buddies in most of the episodes. This time around, Ben is prepared to take his revenge by challenging his other male co-stars to prepare a Pumpkin Spice Pavlova recipe while wearing bands that will deliver an electric shock to their arms. As well as being fun to watch, the challenge shows young men just how easy it is to prepare the dish, even with the distraction of the occasional electric jolt.

On YouTube, SORTEDfood produces tons of educational and entertaining content, such as '6 Kitchen Gadgets - Tested By Idiots' and even a 'Microwave Risotto Recipe.'