Chris Melberger Loves Freaking His Girlfriend Out

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: sobadsogood & youtube
Chris Melberger sure loves a good joke—he loves freaking his girlfriend out and capturing it on video! There’s nothing like video pranks of people pranking their significant others, whether they’re jumping out from behind a door, leaping out of the closet, randomly yelling at the top of their lungs or taking it to a whole other level.

On this April Fool’s day, you can get inspired to prank your girlfriend or boyfriend by watching this hilarious video. Shan Dodd, the girlfriend of Chris Melberger, seems frightened yet continuously amused at how easy it is for her boyfriend to scare her.

In the video you can see Chris yelling randomly and freaking Shan out, and even later on while they’re out at a bar. Laughter sure is the glue that keeps people together!