From Spicy Wasabi Toothpastes to Boozy Wasabi Truffles

 - Jun 2, 2015
These wacky wasabi ideas range from a delicious spice-infused Asian dish to a terrible prank-oriented lip balm flavor. There are many ways that wasabi has been popping up in grocery stores lately and it's usually for a kick of added flavor.

While wasabi is often seen in sushi joints, it seems to be expanding its versatility. Wasabi can be combined with other great flavors such as ginger to make a uniquely Asian-infused potato chip. It also makes a wonderfully boozy truffle by combining vodka and wasabi.

Wasabi is now being used in popcorn, ice cream and candy cane flavors. If you're searching for a new way to experience dessert then try spicing things up with a wasabi flavor infusion.