These Chocolate Truffles are Infused with a Vodka Made from Wasabi Peas

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: foodbeast
Wasabi peas are a delicious salty snack many people love to munch on, but did you ever think these spicy peas would find their way inside of a chocolate truffle recipe? The Wasabi Pea Chocolate Truffles recipe by food blog is one interesting spicy sweet confectionery creation.

Inspired by the wasabi vodka by alcohol brand 'Oddka,' this wasabi peas truffle recipe is one boozy treat. The recipe mixes a collection of white chocolate pieces, butter, traditional spicy wasabi peas and Oddka's wasabi vodka to create a bizarre spicy chocolate truffle. Apparently the white chocolate reduces the spice-intensity of the wasabi peas and makes the hot taste less powerful. While sweet and spicy food pairings aren't new, this wasabi chocolate truffle recipe is definitely an interesting one for the ultimate food daredevil.