From Candied Onion Apples to Laxative-Laden Donuts

 - Mar 31, 2015
Are you set on pulling the ultimate prank on the first of the month but feeling uninspired with your present ideas for April Fool's jokes? Consider the classic stunt of tricking a person into eating something seriously unexpected.

A great surprise is experienced when your victim's eyes and tastebuds are telling him two different things. Imagine serving your boyfriend what appears to be tomato soup and grilled cheese, only to witness his shock when he tastes strawberry pudding and slices of cake. How about passing off those 'leftover' candy canes as anytime treats, concealing your amused anticipation that they're flavored with sriracha. April Fool's Day food doesn't have to be deceitful either; you can have fun with appetizers and sweets dished out in unexpected anatomical vessels.