The Disappearing Cake Prank Has Some Explosive Results

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: kidspot &
April Fool's day comes once a year, and it's easily the most jovial holiday of the year. Pranks that would seem mean or rude seem especially hilarious on the first of April. This disappearing cake prank may look delicious, but it has some devastating results for the prank victim.

The prank is amazingly simple to perform. All the prankster has to do is get a balloon put it into a bowl and dress it up as a cake. To the victim, the balloon looks like a large round cake ready to be cut, but we know what happens when you take a knife to a balloon.

The prank is also easy to clean up and hilarious when it works. As far as April Fool's day pranks go, this one is as sweet as it comes.