From Animal Rights Date Keepers to Abused Iconic Characters

 - Jan 11, 2015
The top 2014 social good trends indicate a society, and culture, that is rapidly moving towards drastic change and transformation.

Issues ranging from feminism, marriage equality and body diversity were represented in a variety of diverse mediums, from "fairytale realism" (combining archetypal heroines with contemporary contexts), to "shocktivism." Indeed, many familiar Disney characters appeared in advertising campaigns that covered everything from domestic violence to celebrating cancer survivors. Bizarre shock tactics included a condom cookbook, intended to promote awareness about sexually transmitted infections and safer sex.

Overall, the social good projects and campaigns were geared towards a more thoughtful, compassionate and globally conscious audience. Thanks to the egalitarian force of the Internet and social media, people are more aware of the tragedies and atrocities in the world; more compelled to share them; and invested in more than one cause.

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