The Penguin Foundation Protects Birds with Adorable Penguin Sweaters

The call for people to knit penguin sweaters initially seemed like a bit of a hoax from the Knits for Nature program by Australia's Penguin Foundation, however, in addition to being extremely adorable, the mission is a serious one that is saving the lives of animals.

The tiny sweaters for the penguins of Phillip Island are snugly fitted so that the jumpers prevent the penguins from cleaning their own feathers with their beaks and ingesting toxins from oil spills. As well, the cozy sweaters provide the warmth that their feathers do not.

To contribute to the project, knitters are encouraged to download the base pattern from the Knits for Nature website and go crazy with the yarn and images on it. Non-knitters can also play a part by symbolically adopting a penguin, which helps to aid the rescue and rehabilitation operations for the Penguin Foundation.