From Scent-Sending Mobile Apps to Virtual Caviar Tastings

 - Jan 28, 2015
These augmented reality apps range from scent-sending mobile platforms to virtual caviar samples that are inspired by gourmet h'orderves. The popularity of augmented reality tech is soaring with groundbreaking inventions like Google Glass and Oculus Rift at its forefront.

Major brands are getting involved too with interactive marketing campaigns and app-connected packaging examples that create a memorable experience for consumers. Whether powered by a specific brand or designed to alter reality, these app examples will transform your mobile experience.

The augmented reality apps range from entertaining to educational examples and include platforms like the Union Station's Living History app and the Tattoos Alive app.
While Union Station's educational app simulates moments in Canadian history, the Tattoos Alive app brings temporary tattoos to life without the commitment and permanence or real body ink.

Another favorite is the world's first double screen music video experience by MUMM House of Champagne and international DJ David Guetta. Guetta's 'Dangerous' music video is transformed by an accompanying app that lets viewers interact with the clip's characters and even get a virtual phone call from the DJ himself.