The ARwork 'Catch Garfield If You Can' Game Allows for Engagement

The ARworks 'Catch Garfield If You Can' App allows users to interact with the loveable and lazy orange cartoon cat. This application prepared by ARworks is a pseudo-augmented reality iOS and Android application. The Garfield App by ARworks was created in conjunction with Spar, a leading hypermarket chain in Europe. ARWorks is renowned for creating augmented reality applications and by doing so connecting the digital world to the real one. With this application, users can take photos that Garfield will be integrated into in a variety of dramatic poses. Users have a choice of 6 potential Garfield characters in posing including a lassoing cowboy, a power-kicking warrior and a treasure hunter. The app can be accessed on your devices through QR codes that have been printed on leaflets available in stores. Simply scan the code and download the ‘Catch Garfield If You Can App’ and you’re good to go.

You can position Garfield anywhere on the screen and make it look like his actions are directed towards you in the photo. Photos taken on the app can be saved, sent or emailed; they can also be linked online to collect "likes" and votes. This application, now available in iTunes App Stores and Google Play, fuses the cartoon world to the real one in a funny and interactive way. This app marks an important contribution to a nationwide campaign for Spars that showcases Garfield on billboards and city lights throughout the country.