- Jul 17, 2014
As the saying goes, there is an app for that (that being everything from addictive games to car-integrated interactive apps). Between wearable technology and the internet of things, mobile applications can connect your smartphone or tablet to most devices these days. Interactivity is an important part of engaging users, and even more so when it comes to integrating consumers.

One segment of interactive apps are those connected to wearable health trackers, such as smartwatches, wristbands and even ear pieces. Augmented reality is another way of generating in-depth interest from users, whether it's furniture placement or auto shows. Apps that involve an element of crowdsourcing or civic participation are by nature interactive. Meanwhile kitchen products and everyday habits like answering a doorbell are also grounds to establish a connected experience.

From Ear-Fitted Health Trackers to Augmented Reality Transit Maps: