The Competitive CollegeHumor ‘Bout’ Game Will Test Your Selfie-Ta

 - May 13, 2013
References: & pastemagazine
With the newly updated CollegeHumor ‘Bout’ game for iPhone, you can have photo-taking wars with anyone, anywhere. ‘Bout’ is like a cross between Instagram and Draw My Thing; you have to take creative photos like on Instagram, but there’s a competitive edge that’s much like Draw My Thing. Basically, the app gives you a prompt, a type of photo you have to create. It’s always ridiculous and embarrassing, like "The Raddest Finger Moustache," but that just ads to the fun. Everyone signed into the game has to post a fantastically weird photo that is judged by other game users. The funniest photo wins!

Through the game, you can add your friends from social media platforms, rack up some fancy golden coins and show off your 'Best Spider-Man,' or your best 'Face When a Train is Coming Towards You.' If you’re feeling especially hopped up on sugar/those five Red Bulls you thought would be a good idea to chug before work, you could go for your best 'Overly Happy Face'—but be warned -- the competition is fierce.