From Social Justice Search Designs to Elegant Feral Repackaging

 - Nov 25, 2014
When it comes to changing how consumers perceive your brand, something like logo rebranding can make a big difference. Many iconic brands have altered their logos over time and still resonate in the hearts of their customers (Pepsi, for example). If you are looking to take your brand or packaging in a new direction, logo rebranding is a solid strategy.

Some logo updates are clearly noticeable, such as Hootsuite's rebranded media mascots and Airbnb's community-focused logos (which also inspired a number of spoofs). Other logo revamps are more subtle, like Paypal's simplified brand logos or Flickr's subtly recolored logos. Some designers also take it on themselves to imagine new logos, which can provide a different kind of inspiration, including unofficial rebranding alternatives.