These Images Show Brand Evolution Over the Years

 - May 26, 2014
References: theultralinx & theultralinx
While brand recognition is important, sometimes you just have to make a change when it comes to your trademark, so brand evolution is inevitable. In these images we see how brands have changed in terms of their logo since their inception.

It's tough to remember what certain companies' logos used to look like for a couple of reasons. Some of them change so often that they're essentially a revolving door of marketing. Others have been stable for so long that it seems like they never had another logo.

Who knew that McDonald's original logo said McDonald's famous barbecue and there were no golden arches? Apple's original logo looked more like it belonged on a pirate ship than on the packaging for one of the biggest companies on the planet. Change is necessary and thankfully, the marketing teams of these companies were working hard.