A 'Round Peg' Writer Illustrates Luxury Logos as Everyday Brands

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: roundpeg.biz & designtaxi
Luxury logos like Chanel's and Hermes' may seem like simple designs, but the logos were intricately made so that they would coincide perfectly with their company's luxury image. Jenna Giles, a writer for Round Peg, recently experimented with logos to prove the kind of impact they actually have on the consumer.

Giles swapped the colors and typography of well-known logos with famous fashion labels. For example, she deliberately switched the aesthetics of two companies that couldn't be any more opposite: Hermes and Dunkin' Donuts. The two logos are cringe-worthy to look at; Hermes no longer looks like a luxury label and the Dunkin' Donuts logo just looks down-right awkward.

Visual identity clearly plays a huge part in branding and I doubt you will see Chanel switching over to a logo that resembles Fisher Price's after seeing these examples.