PETA's Easter Ad Highlights the Egg Industry's Killing of Chicks

 - Apr 8, 2014
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Animal rights organization PETA launched this cute but sad Easter ad to spread awareness of the plight of male chicks slaughtered on poultry farms because they don't produce eggs.

The ad draws you in with slow-motion shots of unbearably cute chicks flapping their wings in an unsuccessful attempt to fly. However, the cuteness slowly turns to sadness as it becomes clear that the chicks are falling into some sort of large, grimy vat or tank. The ad then displays the text 'Billions of newborn chicks are male,' followed by 'They are killed as a waste product of the egg industry.'

PETA points out on its website that 'male chicks are killed -- often through suffocation -- since they don't produce eggs.' This shocking Easter ad is PETA's way of getting that message across to people as they gather up their Easter eggs.