This Toilet Recycles Flushing Water for Showering and Hand Washing

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: bluediversiontoilet & gizmag
'Blue Diversion' is a high-tech, eco-friendly water-recycling toilet design that ensures minimal wastage of precious water resources.

When the toilet is used, a compartment right below the toilet bowl separates human waste from flush water. Human waste is separately stored to be used as fertilizer. Flush water is then pumped into a filtration system in the back wall of the setup; there, a bioreactor neutralizes all organic matter and ammonia, while an ultra-filtration membrane blocks bacteria and viruses. Any organic matter that may remain after this process is then killed by an electrolysis unit. Once the water is cleaned, it can be reused for flushing the toilet bowl, hand-washing or showering. With this system, the same water can be re-used 50 times in a day.

While the idea of a water-recycling toilet may sound disgusting, it is proving to be an efficient and hygienic way to reuse water. It has already been field-tested in Uganda and Kenya with good results.