Roominate is an Unconventional Female Empowerment Tool for Girls

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: roominatetoy & fastcoexist
These days you can find female empowerment for older women in many different aspects of society. Feminist movements are much more commonplace than they used to be and female empowerment is a hot button issue, but they are often associated with grown women. Roominate is a project that looks to empower and teach young girls to be innovative.

Marketing to young girls is more aggressive than to young boys. While kids in general are big targets for marketers, it seems that the same toys are constantly being marketed to young girls. The classic dollhouse is a prime example of this.

What Roominate, a project by female engineering graduates looks to do is allow little girls to create their own dollhouses. It's even complete with its own circuit system, teaching girls to be resourceful from a young age.