From Purple Potato Lattes to Lemon-Flavored Lattes

 - Aug 19, 2015
These unexpected latte flavors are sure to have you rethinking your standard coffee order. For those who enjoy a sweeter coffee beverage, lattes have become the perfect morning pick-me-up. Whether you enjoy them hot or cold, lattes are a great way to get your daily dose of caffeine.

One of the main reasons that brands experiment with flavored lattes is to create unique and tasty seasonal beverages. Whether these companies opt for fresh ingredients or artificial flavoring, there are a number of seasonal lattes designed to get you in the holiday spirit. For example, there are sakura chocolate lattes that celebrate the beginning of spring, as well as deep-fried pumpkin spice lattes that signal the arrival of autumn.

Beyond the holiday season, there are several unexpected latte flavors that are available year-round. Some of these lattes are designed to mimic the taste of different beverages, while others are inspired by popular desserts. These unusual latte flavors include lemon-flavored lattes, spicy chocolate lattes and lager-inspired lattes.