Starbucks Japan is Introducing a Seasonal Sakura Chocolate Latte

To celebrate the coming of spring, Starbucks Japan introduced a new seasonal sakura chocolate latte. The new Starbucks drink takes inspiration from a popular dessert eaten on Girl's/Doll's Day in Japan, called the sakura mocha. This beverage version is just as pink and made with a white hot chocolate base, real leaves and flowers from a sakura tree. To garnish, Starbucks Japan tops off the sakura chocolate latte with strawberry-flavored whipped cream and bits of candy.

The beverage is available in both hot or cold versions and will be offered for a limited time between February 15th and March 18th of this year. Sakura trees won't be blooming in Japan until about April, but the sakura chocolate lattes will surely be enough to tide people over until the arrival of spring.