- Feb 6, 2015
A good barista can make a delicious hot drink out of just about anything behind the cafe counter, but these unusual latte infusions involve sourcing some ingredients from elsewhere. Many customers of franchises and independent coffee shops can agree that the standard espresso lattes, chai lattes and frothy earl grey teas are sufficient to bring delectable comfort to their days. More and more, though, consumers are intrigued by odd new milky combinations that include spices, herbs, fruit, and even cooked food and drugs.

Yes, there is a great recipe for a cannabis latte that can be made up at home in half an hour. Perhaps it could be introduced at cafes in states where weed has been legalized? For those who are more drinkers than drug users, Starbucks has been experimenting with a Guinness-flavored Dark Barrel latte. Virgin alternatives include sweet chestnut, cookie dough and even a deep-fried version of the beloved pumpkin spiced latte.

From Deep-Fried Pumpkin Drinks to Cookie Dough Coffees: