This Warm Beverage Offers Psychedelic Delights

 - Feb 3, 2015
References: leafly
This cannabis tea latte recipe requires a few steps but the end result is well worth it.

Add 6 grams of ground cannabis buds, hemp milk (or regular milk), coconut oil and vanilla extract to a blender and blend it together thoroughly. Once the mixture has been blended, allow it to sit for an hour at room temperature before adding to a sauce pot. Then add any tea leaf blend of your choice to a metal tea infuser, add water and stir.

This liquid mixture will need to be covered and simmered for 15-20 minutes, before being removed from the heat and strained.

Then simply add the liquid to a mug along with a tablespoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon and your cannabis tea latte is ready to go!

Making a good cannabis-infused tea isn't as simple as simply pouring hot water over some cannabis buds, at least if you want to make use of the psychoactive and medicinal properties of the plant.