- Jun 17, 2015
These coffee-making appliances are perfect for the ardent connoisseur who prefers to have complete control over their brew rather than entrust it to some barista at their local big-chain coffee shop or independent cafe.

However, not all of these coffee-making appliances cater to the coffee snob, many of them are targeted towards people short on time who'd like to be able to brew their coffee quickly or better yet, not worry about putting in effort to brew it at all. Portable coffee-making mugs and containers that can make coffee on the go are becoming increasingly popular.

But for those with the time and patience to wait for an absolutely perfect cup of coffee, there are brewers that will do their thing over several hours, leaving you with a cup of coffee that is well worth the wait.

From Self-Brewing Coffee Mugs to Sludge-Free Coffee Steepers: