The Portable Pot Keeps Your Heated Food and Drinks Safe for Consuming

 - Apr 28, 2015
References: yankodesign
The technique of double boiling is made quick and convenient in Seungmin Lee's Portable Pot double boiler. With this, you don't need a pair of saucepans to simply heat up a cup of coffee or a serving of soup. This concept product would fill the gap between the cooking of homemade meals and the preparation of on-the-go liquids.

The designer's research demonstrated that gas stove flames and electric elements can have unhealthy effects on the edibles that one is heating, so the Portable Pot was created to offer protection.

A bulbous external kettle holds water that will heat up an internal vessel. This core container would be warmed indirectly from your stovetop and be easily removed with its own handled lid. This ingenious double boiler has a second function as a thermos too, allowing you to take your toasty beverage or your hot soup to-go.