Syoin Kajii's Photos Capture the Diversity and Grandeur of Waves

 - May 15, 2014
References: foiltokyo & featureshoot
'Nami' is a photo-series by Syoin Kajii, a Japanese photographer and Buddhist monk. The photos simply capture the ocean waves off Sado Island in Japan, but are intended to provoke more than just an admiration for the waves' physical forms and the variations they display in color, texture, shape, density and tone. Rather, the photos are intended to be a broader reminder that massive and beautiful variety exists in front of us and all around us in the simplest of things.

Syoin Kajii's Buddhist beliefs have informed not just this piece of work, but also his 'Kawa' series, for which he photographed rivers all over the world. Again, the intention was to remind viewers of the wealth of richness and diversity surrounding them.