From Female-Friendly Dating Apps to Young Love Portraits

 - Jan 1, 2015
Quirky singles gatherings, intimate photography series and fun dating experiment blogs are some of the highlights of the 2014 romance trends.

Rather than opting to search for love online, unique parties are being hosted to stress the importance of face-to-face first impressions and give people an excuse to take a break from busy schedules and make meaningful connections. Some of these examples include's Aphrodisiac Café and Judith Prays' "pheremone parties," which have people sniff used t-shirts to find a match based purely on attractive scents.

Taking the quest to find love into their own hands, determined individuals are plotting their own dating experiments and documenting them online through trials and triumphs. Two fantastic examples of this include Elise Moreno's 100 Dates of Summer Tumblr blog and 40 Days of Dating, which turned the friendship between designers Tim and Jessica into something more.

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