I'm Siberian Condoms Uses Temperature to Temp its Northern Consumers

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: powercs.ru & packagingoftheworld
You often need more than a product and its plain presence to entice consumers, and this was taken seriously with I'm Siberian Condoms packaging. Given that many people do not see a great difference between competing brands of the latex prophylactic, the POWER agency of Russia strove to infuse the identity of these items with a bit more edge.

"I'm f***ing wild," is written in a bold typeface across the foil sachets and the included asterix symbol is a reference to the snowy landscape. I'm Siberian Condoms packaging also comes with the tagline of "It's the best way to warm up for Siberia inhabitants," making a playful suggestion with a lighthearted attitude towards sex. The scheme certainly makes using protection seem much cooler.