- Feb 9, 2015
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, intimacy-enhancing products are becoming more and more sought after. There is a wide range of edible products, apps and topical treatments to enhance one's sex drive. From the water you drink to the food you eat, everything has become aphrodisiac-infused. There is everything from aphrodisiac energy drinks and liqueur to libido-boosting ice cream and lollipops.

We are even seeing highly obscure intimacy-enhancing products — spider shooters, for example, are believed to be a natural aphrodisiac and should be ingested much like a vodka shot. While it is hard to believe, there are even nasal sprays to help raise your libido. There is truly something out there for everyone. Which intimacy enhancing products will you try this Valentine's day?

From Aphrodisiac Water to Libido-Boosting Beverages: