The Superfruit

 - Mar 23, 2007
References: tropicshealth
The "superfoods" trend has swept the nation with "functional fruits" such as Açai, gaining popularity. Publicity from celebrities such as Oprah has emphasized the countless health benefits of these natural wonders.

The newest super food discovery is Borojó (pronounced: boroho), a fruit native to the Amazon as well as jungles in Panama and Columbia. In western society, very little is known about Borojó, yet natives have been using the miraculous plant for centuries for medicinal purposes. They used also used it as a source of energy on long journeys. Some even say it has an aphrodisiac effect.

Packed with nutrients and vitamins, this power fruit will likely make its way into the western world in due time. As people begin recognizing the healing properties of our Earth, more and more members of society are looking to alternative therapies and away from western medicines.