- Jan 5, 2009
Fruits and vegetables have been a staple of the human diet as long as we have been on earth, and modern research has proven that produce is absolutely vital to our health. Yet despite this breadth of now commonly understood knowledge of wellness, a growing proportion of educated people are consuming less fresh fruits and vegetables than ever. Instead, they’re opting for quick fixes, like fast food and protein bars, to fill their stomachs and supply them with ‘energy.’

As the new year will require many people to watch their spending due to the recession, they’re going to start having to watch their food and nutrition budgets too. What many people don’t realize is that fresh produce is much cheaper than eating out, not to mention much healthier.

This cluster includes a range of innovations inspired by fruits and vegetables. It includes everything from banana protectors so you can take your fruit to work unbruised, to exotic fruits wrapped in luxury sushi.

Eating healthy never looked so delicious!

Fruit and Vegetable Inspired Good to Inspire Healthy Living: