WiseOne Superfoods' Healthy Raw Chocolates Boast Health Benefits

All too often, chocolate is grouped in with the other bad-for-you foods in the grocery junk food aisle, making chocolate seem like something that you should feel guilt about—but not this healthy raw chocolate treat from WiseOne Superfoods. While other chocolate bars are loaded with artificial sugars, these bars are infused with powerful healing ingredients such as antioxidants like Chaga, Camu Camu and blue-green algae like E3Live.

The raw chocolate snacks are offered in a variety of flavors like mint, licorice, chai and ginseng, boasting benefits like detoxification, boosts to the immune system, libido, stamina, as well as overall well-being. Each of the treats is packaged in a rich, exotic box with a golden dragon on it, which is perhaps a suggestion of how fiercely you'll want to consume these chocolates.