Senegal's Cafe Touba Recipe Blends Sweet and Spicy Flavor Pairings

Cafe touba is a black pepper coffee that is infused with the African djar spice. Created in Senegal, the drink is a local favorite that blends together sweet and spicy ingredients. Cafe touba is not your average morning drink and will give you as much of a spicy kick as it will an energy boost.

Adding to coffee's antioxidant properties, this black pepper beverage is described as a stomach-settler and as an aphrodisiac by local coffee artisans. This caffeinated concoction was first created by Cheikh Amadou Bamba, an African mystic who blended the beverage as a means of staying awake.

Cafe touba is a favorite among foodie travelers who are looking to get a taste of Senegal's traditional cuisine, delicacies and culture.