Libido-Raising Foods Perfect for Valentine's Day Dinner

 - Feb 14, 2009
References: gourmetsleuth & cbs11tv
Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Time crunched and wanna make sure you’re rip-roarin’ ready to go? Just try noshing on.... a banana.

The B6 vitamins release those all-important sex hormones, and the potassium limbers up your muscles.

If the produce section’s not too appeeling, consider the tried and true aphrodisiacs, chocolate and oysters.

Chocolate rich in cacao (not your typical Hershey’s milk chocolate) releases the same neurotransmitters in your brain that cause those euphoric, "Hey I’m enjoying this!" feelings that come about during sex. And oysters, gross texture or not, have been proven to pump up testosterone and contain amino acids to push the release of all-important sex hormones.

Some other, less-obvious foods thought to be aphrodisiacs include mint, arugula, avocado, chili peppers, almonds, licorice, asparagus, truffles, pine nuts, and honey.

Just food for thought.