From Stone Fruit Instruments to Peculiar Chilled Desserts

 - Mar 11, 2012
These appetizing avocado innovations will make you look at this intoxicating stone fruit in a whole new light. Known for its lush, creamy texture and mellow flavor, the avocado has multiple culinary, beauty and health applications. This super food not only tastes amazing in both sweet and savory dishes, but is also capable of boosting your stamina in the sack while hydrating your skin.

Capable of a whole lot more than rounding out your California Roll, the avocado is a powerhouse of taste, texture and nutrition. Give your love life a boost, get a step closer to the skin of your dreams and indulge your need for cream with this clever, soft green stand-in. From pop tarts to ukuleles, there has never been so many ways to enjoy all that avocados have to offer.

Delicious, nutritious and downright useful, these appetizing avocado innovations prove that everyone could use a little extra guac in their lives.