The 'Fresh Guacamole' by Pes Shouldn't Actually Be Eaten

Fresh Guacamole by PES is a stop-motion video short that shows guacamole being made from scratch. However, this isn't typical guacamole because for this special blend, all the ingredients are inanimate objects.

First comes the main ingredient: a grenade. When cut open, the explosive reveals that its filled with tasty green goop. Next comes the onions, which have been replaced with a baseball; when chopped up, the baseball becomes a pile of tiny white dice. These are thrown into the bowl along with other red dice made from a tomato pin-cushion. To add a bit a fresh flavor to the mix, a golf ball is squeezed into the bowl as well. The dip is topped off with salt and pepper, which is applied via black and white chess pieces and served with poker chips.

Fresh Guacamole by PES is a colorful and inventive video that makes food from objects.