Scarletta Bakes Whips up a Fresh Take on the Classic Pop-Tart

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: scarlettabakes & foodbuzz
Prepare to be amazed with these avocado Pop-Tarts drowned in a cheeky lime glaze by the talented Scarletta Bakes. These dreamy buttery pockets of silky, sweet avocado are just one example of the innovative, yet simple recipes that populate the popular food blog Scarletta Bakes. Deceptively familiar, these unique packets of flavor assume the guise of the much-beloved and fairly pedestrian Pop-Tart, but their filling will no doubt make you do a double take.

If it weren't ambitious enough to whip up a convenient breakfast food from scratch, Scarletta of Scarletta Bakes chose to go one step further and convert the mundane Pop-Tart into a clever piece of artisan pastry. She leaves readers with a recipe so simple any curious home cook can easily replicate these delicious oddities. What is sure to be a symphony of texture, these avocado Pop-Tarts update the tired childhood favorite while elevating the breakfast treat to a higher level of sophistication.

These avocado Pop-Tarts induce an element of intrigue mixed with nostalgia. This fresh take on a childhood favorite show readers that avocado is capable of being more than just guacamole, and Pop-Tarts are the perfect portable breakfast no matter how discerning your tastes.

Implications - As children of the eighties and nineties become major players in the economic world, grown-up versions of nostalgic favorites have been on the rise. This generation will stop at nothing to pay homage to their childhood, and are more than happy to embrace a certain level of sophistication. Revamping classic foods with a slightly unexpected twist will play on this need for familiarity while still demonstrating progress.