Get Goregous by Eating

 - Aug 26, 2008
References: health.msn & health.msn
It'’s no secret that Americans love to look good AND love to eat, so what could be more perfect than foods which actually improve our appearance? The following foods were listed on MSN'’s website today and are said to help increase beauty the natural way by improving skin’s glow and elasticity, as well as the strength and shine of hair.

While the foods listed may not be our first choices to munch on, there'’s no denying their health and beauty benefits. It only takes two weeks to start developing a taste for a new and never-before-had flavor. If these foods end up growing on you, the benefits will be way big.

The list includes:

-Blood Oranges, Cherries and Blueberries
-Shellfish, Sunflower Seeds and Sardines
-Dandelion, Turnip and Mustard Greens
-Oregano, Thyme and Parsley
-Crunchy Veggies
-Sea Veggies
-Meat, Cheese and Lentils
-Egg yolks, organ meats and whole milk products
-Almond or hemp “milk”
-Wild Salmon with Avocado and mango dressing

Check out MSN'’s website link under health and fitness to read up on how and why these foods can help your beauty radiate even more.