37 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

 - Sep 28, 2008
It’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle when you have the right attitude and tools to keep you going. You don’t have to be rich or thin to have a healthy lifestyle, especially with these 37 tips, all of which fit into three basic categories:

1. You are what you eat. You certainly don’t have to follow a strict diet or omit everything that tastes good in order to live a healthy lifestyle. You do, however, need to think more closely about what you put in your body. Eating plans that focus on fresh, locally-sourced organic foods are a great start. Supplementing your cuisine with antioxidant-rich foods help your body eliminate toxins.

2. Exercise is essential to live a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need special weight-loss shoes to reap the benefits of walking, but if they’ll inspire you to get out and move, go for it! Not only will the sun’s Vitamin D be beneficial to your health, but you’ll also increase circulation, burn calories and tone your muscles.

3. Be realistic. You’re not superhuman. Cravings will happen, and indulging them in small doses is okay. Keeping track of what you consume and cutting the portion size when you do eat a high-calorie treat are smart ways to satisfy without undoing your hard efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.