Chung Shi Footwear

 - Jun 11, 2008
References: chungshiusa & kjrh
Chung Shi is the maker of an innovative new footwear promising to aid in weight loss. The fitness shoes have a built-in "Pilates System," and promise to stimulate and build new muscles, thereby boosting the wearer's overall metabolism.

The shoes are uniquely shaped, with heels at 15 degrees and "rocker soles" intended to stimulate muscles that usually remain untargeted. If what they say is true, the $249-$300 shoes would help the wearer burn more calories whether, running or even strolling lightly.

The 15-degree shoe is referred to as a Comfort Step, or level one shoe, which is great for walking and jogging, but those more serious about their weight loss goals can choose the Balance Step. The level 2 shoe has a 20 degree angle at the tip of the toe which forces the muscles to work even harder. "It is the most aggressive alignment and muscle-use shoe available," says.

"It forces the center of gravity, the body's center of gravity forward, which then forces you to engage your core muscles, your abdominals, your lower back muscles," Dr. Jeffrey Michaelson. a sports medicine specialist says of the raised heel.

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