From Weight Loss Shoes and Makeup to Built-in Stomach Pumps

 - Jan 20, 2013
It's that time of the year again, where many people start worrying about shedding those extra holiday pounds and are looking for a little weight loss assistance. For those who want to take a right turn towards the radical, there's plenty of innovative inventions out there that claim to be able to help.

It bears mentioning that any weight loss assistance regimen or use should be discussed with a doctor, especially for some of the more radical suggestions out there.

For the adventurous aspring weight losers out there, there's everything from a built in stomach pump that allows you to drain your stomach contents before full digestion. Too extreme? There's a plethora of garments out there that claim to help trim the waistline from leggings, to shoes, to underwear and even makeup. There's a gaggle of gadgets that want to help too, from unique scales to devices that will snitch you out for cheating on snacking.