‘Excess Baggage' Ads Encourage Fatties to Live Healthfully

 - Mar 22, 2009   Updated: Apr 1 2011
References: spluch.blogspot
These bags aren't for sale, though I know several people who would love to 'bring home the bacon' with the bacon briefcase. 

The designs were used in a series of advertisements for VLCC, India's largest health and beauty brand. The food bags are visual puns on dropping excess “baggage.”

Implications - Shakespeare once wrote that "brevity is the soul of all wit," and this is a philosophy that definitely can come in handy when you are a company trying to communicate the value of your business in a straight-forward and provocative way. Sometimes consumers need visual bluntness to get why your product or service is essential, and a cleverly straight-forward campaign like this definitely achieves that goal.